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Bobby’s World Full Cast and Their Roles



Bobby's World Full Cast and Their Roles

Bobby’s World is an American animated television series from 1990 to 1998 on Fox Kids. The show was created by and starred Howie Mandel as the main character, Bobby Generic. The show follows the adventures of Bobby Generic and his highly overactive imagination. In this post, we’ll look at the cast of this classic sitcom and its role in the movie.

Howie Mandel as Bobby’s Generic, Bobby’s Dad, and Extra Voices

Bobby's World Full Cast and Their Roles

Howie Mandel is a well-known actor, comedian, and television host, who is best known for his role as Dr. Wayne Fiscus in the American sitcom St. Elsewhere (1982–1988). Mandel played the role of Bobby Generic, the movie’s main character. He is one of the Bobby’s World cast.

Charlie Schlatter as Howard Generic, Bobby’s Mom and Extra Voices

You might recognize Charlie Schlatter from his role as the voice of Howard Generic, Bobby’s dad. In addition to that, he’s also voiced characters in “Tiny Toon Adventures” and “Animaniacs.” His voice is similar to Howie Mandel’s, so if you’ve seen “Masters of Horror, ” it is the same.

Chauncey Leopardi as Stu Generic

Chauncey Leopardi is a voice actor who played the role of Stu Generic in Bobby’s World. He has also voiced the character of Bobby Generic and other characters in many other animated series. Leopardi has won many awards for his voice acting, including an Emmy Award and two Annie Awards.

Debi Derryberry as Martha Generic, Bobby’s Mom and Extra Voices

Debi Derryberry is an actress and voice actress who has appeared in several films, television shows, and video games. She is known for providing the voices of Bobby Generic’s Mom and Martha Generic (the mother of Bobby Generic) in the animated television series Bobby’s World. She also voiced both characters on the show’s spinoff, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

In addition to her work as Martha and Bobby’s Mom, Derryberry has provided voices for many other cartoon characters, including Chuckie Finster on Rugrats; Elmyra Duff on Tiny Toon Adventures; Dot Warner on Animaniacs; Lucy van Pelt on Peanuts; Ingrid Third-Flower from Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures; Paige O’Hara/Belle from Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Special Edition Movie and Video Game Series/Video Game (English version).

Jennifer Hale as Uncle Ted’s Wife and Female Customer

Jennifer Hale is a Canadian actress who has starred in many films, TV shows, and video games. She is known for her voice work, most notably as the female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect. In Bobby’s World, she plays Uncle Ted’s wife and one of the customers at his restaurant.

Kath Soucie as Aunt Jessica

Kath Soucie is a voice actress who has provided voices for many animated shows and video games. She has been working in the industry since 1984 and has won many awards for her voice work. In Bobby’s World, she plays Aunt Jessica, a red-haired woman who loves to cook and clean.

Gregg Berger as Great-Uncle Ted, Mr. Fuffner and Mr. Kratz

Gregg Berger played the role of Great-Uncle Ted on “Bobby’s World” and has voiced many other characters, including Mr. Fuffner and Mr. Kratz (the principal). Mr. Fuffner is one of Bobby’s babysitters who appears in two episodes of the series: “Bobby Gets His Hair Cut” and “Bobby Can’t Dance.”

He teaches Bobby how to dance in the latter episode but ultimately fails when he tries to teach him some new styles, including disco dancing; he also appears briefly at a birthday party for Bobby’s grandmother in another episode titled “Grandma’s Birthday Party.”

Mr. Kratz is Bobby’s school principal, who often gives him detention after catching him doing things such as playing matches or talking during class time (which never happens). However, he doesn’t always stick around long enough before punishing Bobby because he seems pretty busy helping kids learn about proper nutrition during lunchtime snack breaks.

Tress MacNeille as Bobby’s Mom and Aunt Jessica

Tress MacNeille is an American voice actress who has been a film, television, and video game mainstay for over 30 years. She’s best known for providing the voices of Maggie Simpson on The Simpsons, Dot Warner on Animaniacs, Selma Flickinger from Tiny Toon Adventures, and Jessie / Meowth from Pokemon. Tress played the role of Bobby’s Mom in this movie, voicing all the interactions of Bobby’s Mom.

Maurice LaMarche as Uncle Ted, Mr. Fuffner and Professor Klutz

Maurice LaMarche is a Canadian actor and voice actor. He was born in Montreal, Quebec, on June 25th, 1958. He is known for voicing characters in many animated series, including Mr. Fuffner (Bobby’s uncle), Professor Klutz (Bobby’s teacher), and The Brain from Animaniacs. Aside from his work on cartoons and animations, he has also been a part of many non-animated shows like Family Guy and Futurama, where he voiced Kif Kroker in the latter series’ first two seasons before being replaced by Billy West due to contractual obligations with King Of The Hill at the time.

Frank Welker as Dad, the Dog, Al the Alligator Man, and Pappy the Talking Pig

Frank Welker is a voice actor and singer known for his work on Scooby-Doo, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He also voiced Pappy in the series, who was the voice of Bobby’s father. He has won two Emmy Awards for his work in animation.

In Conclusion

So now you know who the Bobby’s World cast is and learn a little about each cast, their body of work, and the role played in the Bobby’s World movie. You can go ahead to try out this movie if you love anime movies.

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