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The 20 Best South African Movies on Netflix (2022)



There are so many South African movies on Netflix, and it can be challenging to figure out what to watch. We have compiled a list of the 20 best South African movies on Netflix today.

1. JIVA! (2021)

This series follows the life of a talented young woman named Ntombi, whose life is full of challenges.

However, the show is not just about dancing. It is also about the struggles of living in a rural area and the challenges of growing up in a country where there is no real opportunity for advancement. It is about the work of finding your place in life and the strength you need to overcome obstacles. JIVA! was rated one of the best South African movies on Netflix.

2. Blood and Water (2020)

Blood and Water (2020)

This series is about a 16-year-old girl named Puleng Khumalo who engineers to get into Parkhurst College.

Besides, Parkhurst University is a prestigious university for Cape Town’s elite scholars and academic achievers.

Puleng engineers to be transferred after meeting a girl at the party. He believes the private-school swimmer, the girl he met at the party, is his sister kidnapped at birth and wants to find out.

Ama Qamta, Ryle de Money, Natasha Thahane, and Thabang Molaba star in the series.

3. Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

This is a South African movie about the true story of Nelson Mandela’s life during apartheid in South Africa.

Furthermore, the movie features how Nelson Mandela, a South African leader, joins the fight against Apartheid.

Later, he was sentenced to prison for his involvement in the Sharpeville massacre. He starred in the movie alongside Idris Elba, Riaad Moosar, and Tony Kgoroghe.

4. Ayanda (2015)

Ayanda (2015)

This movie is among the South African film on Netflix, also known as Ayandla and the Mechanic.

The film follows a young man named Ayanda who wants to become an artist. He is unsure what to do with his life, but he knows he doesn’t want to be a lawyer.

She struggles with adapting to the culture around her while trying to figure out her identity. She also tries to keep the memory of the man she loved alive.

Stars in these movies are Fulu Mugovhani, Jafta Mamabolo, Nthati Moshesh, and OC Ukeje.

5. Seriously Single (2020)

Seriously Single (2020)

Dineo is a social media expert who wants to get married. She falls in love with her ex but doesn’t let go. Meanwhile, her best friend encourages her to embrace singlehood, but she doesn’t listen.

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Dineo is happy with her life, and she enjoys her singlehood. She doesn’t feel like she needs a man in her life. She feels comfortable with herself, and she is happy with her life. She doesn’t need a man in her life.

6. Four Corners (2013)

Four Corners (2013)

This movie follows a recently released ex-con in the Clap Flats neighborhood as he seeks revenge against the gang leaders who put him away.

Meanwhile, the conflict has affected the life of a 13-year-old chess prodigy and those surrounding him.

In addition to the Cape Flats, the movie also shows the gang culture in Johannesburg. Members of the community try their hardest to protect young boys from gangs. When possible, they rehabilitate these boys.

Starring in this film is Israel Make, Brenden Daniels, Lindi Matshi­kiza, and Jezzriell Skei.

7. Uncovered (2019)

This movie is about an entrepreneur who investigates the murder of her sister by her ex-husband.

However, this movie stars Nqobile Kgothoge, Robert Hobbs, S’Thandi Weziwe, and Mpho Tshabalala.

8. Baby Mamas (2018)

Baby Mamas (2018)

Baby Mamas is an American movie on Netflix which shows four professional women leaning on each other for support while raising their kids.

This movie is a black South African comedy about four friends from various demographic groups.

They face many challenges, including navigating motherhood, social life, and romantic relationships. They also face challenges like navigating motherhood and their romantic and social lives.

Starring in this film is Kay Smith, Thema Mdluli, Thandiswa Mazwai, and Sipho Masuku.

9. The Letter Reader (2019)

The Letter Reader (2019)

A short movie about a young man who travels from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Durban, South Africa.

He arrives at the village and starts reading letters to all the villagers. He falls in love with one recipient. Stars in these movies are Nokuthula Mazibuza, Bahle Mashinina, and Nomalanga Shamana.

10. Hoeville (2010)

Hoeville (2010)

Amos is an ex-alcoholic who lives in a small town called Hopeville. He is trying to get his life back together after years of drinking. His son, Themba, is also struggling with alcoholism. They both move to the town where they hope to start a new life. But when Amos finds out, he is not welcome in his old neighborhood.

Furthermore, when Amos tries to repair the public pool so his son can swim there, he is met with opposition from the community.

Starring in this film is Jody Abrahams (actor), Themba Ndabla (actor), Terry Pheto (actor), and Desmond Dube (

11. Liefling Die Movie (2010)

Liefling Die Movie (2010)

Jan and Liefling are two characters in a musical on Netflix. Jan is a man who loves adventures, and Liefling is a girl who likes to play music. They fall in love and get married.

However, Fate and jealous exes try hard to tear them apart. These movies stars Bobby Van Jaarveld, Marlee van der Merwe, Lika Bering, Kurt Darren and Elize Cawkwell.

12. Material (2012)

This South African movie is about a young Muslim boy named Cassim who helps his father in his fabric store in Johannesburg.

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His father doesn’t want him to become a stand-up comedian because he thinks it’s not a good career choice.

Cassim finds a job at a local bar and keeps it a secret from his dad.

The movie stars are Joey Yusif Rasdien, Riaz Moosa, Vincent Ebrahimi, Rosalind Butler, and Zakeeya Patel.

13. White Wedding (2010)

This movie is about two grooms who take a road trip together to attend a wedding.

This movie stars Jodie Whitaker, Kenneth Nkose, Rapulana Seipehamo, and Zandle Msutwana.

14. Santana (2020)

This movie follows two brothers who discover the identity of the man who killed their parents years ago. They go after him and try to bring him to justice.

However, because of their differences, they might fight each other before catching the criminals. This movie stars Nombolo Gwala, Rapula Seiphemo, Paulina Americana, Tamer Burja, and Hakeem Kazim.

15. I Am All Girls (2021)

In this movie, unlikely detective bonds with a serial killer to take down a human trafficking ring and its leaders.

While on their journey to take down the calls, they fight their dark secret. Starring in this film is Deon Lotz and Erica Wessels.

If you’re in the mood to binge-watch a series, the following story from South Africa is available on Netflix.

16. Queen Sono (2020)

This is a series of articles about a highly trained South Afri­can spy who works for the government in South Africa. His purpose is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of South Africa.

However, although she takes on her most dangerous missions, she also faces her ever-changing relationships in her personal life; starring in this series are Chieza Mhende, Sihle Ntshangase, Sechaba Moroile, Kate Liquorish, and Vuyo Dabule.

17. Tsotsi (2005)

This movie is about an orphaned boy named Tsotsi who steals a car only to discover that there is a baby inside.

Furthermore, the young woman spends six days in a dangerous and agitated situation, resulting in an emotional bond.

Starring in the film are Presley Chwanezye, Terry Pheta, Kenneth Nkosi, and Mothusi Makanho.

18. Shadow (2019)

Shadow is a former cop with a rare ability not to feel pain. He uses this ability to help him fight crime.

The show features Pallance Dladla (Pallance), Time Ngumla (Time), Khathu Kevin Ramabula­na (Khathu), and Amanda Du.

19. Kings of Jo’Burg (2020)

This series is about two brothers, one good and one evil, who rule the criminal under­world of Johannesburg until a mysterious family curse threatens to tear them apart.

The show stars Buhle Samuelson, Zolisa Xhosa, Tsholofo Matshaba, and Shingi Mgqweta.

20. Catching feelings (2017)

Catching feelings is an award-winning South African film on Netflix. It is a dark romantic comedy following a formerly famous writer and her beautiful wife. After moving in together, the couple soon discovers that their lives are not what they thought they were.

Starring in the film is Pearl Thusi, Kago­so Lediga, Loyis­o Gola, and Pre­cious Makgarets­a.

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