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The Best Turkish Series & Movies to Watch on Netflix



The Best Turkish Series & Movies to Watch on Netflix

Turkey is a beautiful country, home to many cultures and languages. However, most people outside of Turkey only know Turkish because of one thing: the word “sandwich.” That’s right—the word “sandwich” comes from the city of Sandwich in England. But there’s more to Turkey than just sandwiches! If you want to learn more about Turkish culture and language or discover some great TV shows & movies, read our list of picks for the best Turkish series & movies on Netflix (or anywhere else).

1. The Protector

The Protector is a crime drama series that Zeki Demirkubuz has directed. It is based on the Danish television series, The Protector. This Turkish adaptation stars Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan as Cemil Kaya, a police officer who has been assigned to protect the family of a witness against his colleague’s criminal activities.

The Protector recently made its debut on Netflix in November 2018, consisting of eight episodes. There are no plans for additional seasons at this time, but viewers can still catch up with this show while waiting for any news regarding additional episodes or seasons down the road!

2. Kara Sevda

Kara Sevda

Kara Sevda is a Turkish romantic comedy on Netflix. It is the story of two wealthy and poor families who are bound together through their children’s marriage. The show follows the struggles of these two families to find love in the world of money and power-hungry people.

The main characters are:

  • İntaş – a successful businessman who was once married to an older woman but had an affair with his step-brother’s fiancée Merve (now İntaş’s wife). When Merve goes missing after their secret marriage ceremony in Las Vegas, he becomes desperate to find her again.
  • Çiçek – the daughter of a wealthy family who runs away from home after discovering that her father was responsible for ruining her mother’s life by killing her childhood friend Zeynep. She finds refuge at a small guesthouse owned by Şahin, who falls in love with Çiçek despite finding out about her past as well as his own one-night stand with Zeynep years ago, which resulted in her pregnancy and miscarriage during college days before they got married…

3. If Only

If Only Turkish Series


If Only is a Turkish series about the main character, Seren. A young woman is trying to find her way in life as she navigates through college and relationships.

Seren is a college student who wants to be an architect. She has been dating her boyfriend, Can, for two years, and they are madly in love with each other; however, she finds it hard to balance her relationship and studies because he’s constantly working on his music career as a DJ, so they hardly ever see each other. This causes tensions between them, making Seren question whether or not she should continue their relationship or break up with him so she can focus on herself instead of him all the time. Still, then again, that would mean goodbye forever…

4. Ezel


Ezel is a Turkish drama series created by Ay Yapım that first aired on Star TV in September 2011. The series was adapted from the novel of the same name by Zülfü Livaneli.

Ezel is a nickname for Ahmet, who was born and raised in Istanbul but had a mysterious past. He works as an Armenian bodyguard for essential people and fights injustice wherever he sees it. His father, Hacigir, dies before he can tell his son about his past and what happened to him during World War I (1914-18). Ahmet also meets Selda, who helps him get closer to finding out more about his father’s life story while also helping him learn more about himself as well.

5. Love 101

Love 101

Love 101 is a Turkish series about a group of students who start a dating agency. The main character, Tuba, is in love with her high school sweetheart but has to break up with him when she realizes he’s too young for her. She then starts working in the student-run dating agency and meets several men who are perfect for her. The series follows these characters as they try to find love and help others do the same.

This story has no real villains or heroes—just people going through difficult times while trying their best to make themselves happy. It’s not your typical rom-com with an easy ending; instead, it ends on an ambiguous note that leaves viewers guessing what will happen next (hoping for another season).

6. Atiye


Atiye is a Turkish drama series that follows a beautiful young woman named Atiye, who has just become a widow. She must learn to live with her grief and start her life over again while also dealing with her mother-in-law, who puts together their family’s funeral arrangements.

Atiye is available to stream on Netflix.

7. Daydreamer (Erkenci Kus)

Daydreamer (Erkenci Kus)

If you’re looking for a fun and sweet coming-of-age story, this is the Turkish series for you. Erkenci Kus is about a teenage boy who falls in love with a girl at school. To impress her, he must face his fears and take on the role of class president.

This one will be right up your alley if you love romantic comedies!

8. Love Trap (Aşk Laftan Anlamaz)

In this Turkish drama, a man named Cemal tries to juggle the affections of two women. She sets out to destroy him when he finally decides to break up with one of them.

The film is directed by Kemal Sunal and features Ercan Kesal and Elif Sezgin as Cemal’s two lovers. It has a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

9. Siyah Beyaz Aşk (Black and White Love)

Siyah Beyaz Aşk (Black and White Love)

Siyah Beyaz Aşk (Black and White Love) is a romantic comedy that follows two people who fall in love but can’t be together. The main characters, Kemal and Sena, are a young couple in Istanbul. They’re both from different backgrounds—he’s from an affluent family, while she comes from a lower-class background—and their relationship faces many challenges as they try to navigate their way through life together.

This series offers the perfect mix of drama and romance while also giving viewers a fascinating look at contemporary Turkish life through the eyes of these characters. It’s easy to relate to their struggles with love, romance, family dynamics, friendship troubles, and more!

These Are The Best Turkish Shows & Movies to Watch on Netflix

  • The Protector

This series is a total binge. It’s perfect for those who like to watch drama and violence in one package and those who are into historical fiction. The plot is set in the 16th century when Ottoman Sultan Selim I was still trying to expand his empire by conquering Europe. As he rides across Europe on horseback, he meets an attractive woman who seduces him and makes him fall in love with her beauty. But then she betrays him—and that’s where this show gets interesting! You can watch The Protector on Netflix now!

  • Kara Sevda (Black Love)

This series tells us about the love story between Ceren and Murat, two teenagers from very different backgrounds; she is from a wealthy family while he comes from a poor one that lives on his own, working hard at school and after-school jobs so that he can afford food for himself every day – but not only does she live far away from him, she also doesn’t know anything about his struggle because it’s too hard for them to communicate due to their different social statuses.”You’d better be careful,” warns her father before leaving town again: “Don’t get confused by strange things.” But Ceren doesn’t listen – instead, she decides against all odds to fall madly in love with someone who can never belong fully

There you have it! The best Turkish shows and movies to watch on Netflix. Now, if you’re unsure where to start, we recommend watching The Protector first. It’s a great show that gives viewers an insight into the world of Turkish politics with plenty of action scenes thrown in for good measure. If you liked that one, go ahead and check out the rest of our recommendations too!

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