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Google Pixel Watch: Here’s Everything We Know So Far



Google Pixel Watch: Here's Everything We Know So Far

If you are among those waiting for news of a flagship Google watch your wait may be close to an end. As Google may be launching its line of smartwatches to rival one of its major competitors Apple. News has made the round severally over the years that Google Pixel Watch would be launched but that has not happened so far for years. But this year many people are hoping the Google Pixel Watch will show up at the annual Google event Google IO for the year 2022.

Google IO is an annual event for Google where Google showcases its new devices on offer and interacts with the developer communities globally. The Google IO 2022 will be held on the 11 of May 2022. And many attendees and onlookers are hopeful that one of the devices that would be on showcase to users would be the Google Pixel Watch. Google will also use the Google IO 2022 to showcase other of its products including the wear OS 3, Pixel Phones, the latest Android operating systems, features, or upgrades.

What we know so far about the Google Pixel Watch

The watch will be a flagship watch designed by Google and it is going to be big according to rumors. The cost is not certain yet but it will be a high-end cost smartwatch from all indications. The watch is rumored to begin selling and out by the second half of 2022 nothing is certain yet. Below are the timelines of what we know so far about the Google Pixel Watch.

April 30, 2022: Information on potential battery size and connectivity options of the Pixel Watch was revealed.

April 28, 2022: Three different Pixel Watch models have been certified, giving a clearer idea of what the watch would be priced at possibly.

April 26, 2022: A picture of the Google Pixel Watch emerged as it was left in a restaurant, by apparently a staff of the company.

April 25, 2022: The Pixel Watch Fit could come at a high price, with leaked photos giving us a peek into the look of the Pixel Watch.

April 24, 2022: A trademark for the Pixel Watch name has now been filed by Google an indication that the watch will soon be launched.

April 15, 2022:  As per well-respected leaker Evan Blass, it “won’t be long now” before we see the wearable get its official unveiling by Google. Blass also cites Pixel’s apparent code name: Pixel Rohan.

March 28, 2022: The Pixel Watch will be unveiled at I/O purportedly but will not be launched until October, together with the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro, per tech tipster Jon Prosser.

March 17, 2022: Google I/O is scheduled for May 11, with many expectations including Android 13, and maybe a Pixel Tablet, Pixel Watch, and Pixel 7.

March 7, 2022: A 2020 patent surfaces which show motion gestures on the Google Pixel Watch (even though the Pixel 5 didn’t get the feature).

March 6, 2022: Will Google launch the Pixel Watch or not. The global chip shortage is a strong determining factor for the launch date leading to moving the launch date to later in the year according to insiders.

Jan 26, 2022: The Pixel Watch will make its grand debut on May 26, 2022, according to Jon Prosser but this did not happen after all. He claims that this is the first time a date set on the device launched behind the scenes.

Dec 22, 2021: A recent Google app update mentions a “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH,” this strongly suggests that Google’s first smartwatch will have Pixel branding, and suggests some Wear OS features will be exclusive to the Pixel Watch.

Dec. 17, 2021: Newly spotted Watch faces include the wearer’s current step count, heart rate, and local weather conditions and one has the Fitbit logo positioned prominently at the bottom. All these were from purported leaks.

Dec 02, 2021: A source familiar with the Pixel Watch project claims the Pixel Watch will arrive in 2023. This report gives no details on what date of the year the device will arrive.

Oct 20, 2021: The latest Pixel event saw the launch of the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and loads of details about the new OS. But as highly anticipated the Google Pixel Watch was not launched to the disappointment of many who hoped it was going to be launched.

Release Date and Price

As we have stated earlier nothing is sure because there have been a lot of rumors and leaks on the release date of the Google Pixel Watch for over 4 years now. But most recent leaks purport that the Google Pixel watch has a release date of late July given the global chips shortage. While another claims the release would be in October and that there would be a limited release initially before rolling out everywhere.

One price leak shows that the Pixel watch fit could cost around $400 this price makes it tally with the Apple Watch 7 cost. But a more recent leak has put the price of the Pixel Watch at between $300 and $400 which is still within the same price range as the last leak.

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