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How to Increase the Speed and Performance of MIUI



How to Increase the Speed and Performance of MIUI

In the present era, the Smartphone has become the basic need of human life. There was a time when low-end phones were so slow that people used to have fun making their friends wait for a long time for them to open an app or switch between two apps. That was really frustrating because, in those days, we had to do everything using our mobile phones; be it banking, ordering food, or calling. People who owned low-performance phones usually got annoyed and sometimes even used to throw their phones in frustration. But today, you can speed up your phone without spending anything extra on it. Below are ways to speed up your MIUI Xiaomi brand of smartphones.

Ways to Increase The Speed Of Your MIUI

There are several ways of speeding up your MIUI Xiaomi devices including:

  • Turn on Memory Extension
  • Turn on Auto Cache Cleaning
  • Block System App Ads
  • Turn off Phone System Animations
  • Always Clean Your Internal Storage
  • Deleting unnecessary files and applications

Turn on Memory Extension

To turn on memory extension, go to Settings > Installed apps and tap the Memory Extension button. You’ll see a list of all your apps and system services, along with an estimate of how much RAM they’re using. Tap a service or app to get more information about it. If you have many apps open in the background, you can use this feature to close them down so that they no longer take up space in your phone’s memory. If there are any services running that you don’t need (like Google Play Services), then consider stopping those as well; you can always start them again later if needed.

Turn on Auto Cache Cleaning

Auto cache cleaning is an easy way to increase the speed of your phone, and it’s something you can do automatically with a few taps. To set your phone to clear cache automatically do these:

Go to Settings > Storage & USB > Auto clean up

Toggle on Auto clean up and then tap OK when prompted

This will enable a feature where your phone cleans out cache files as needed without you having to manually initiate the process every time

Block System App Ads

System app ads are system-level advertisements that appear in the notification bar and on the lock screen of your smartphone. They may also be placed in other areas of your device, including on the home screen. Mobile carriers can also use these types of ads, including when you’re on mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. While some users find these types of ads to be helpful and relevant, others find them to be annoying or intrusive. To block system app ads:

Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy & Security > Permissions

Tap System Apps & Services and then tap “Allow.” You will see a list of all apps currently installed on your device

Turn off Phone System Animations

This is another way of speeding up your MIUI Xiaomi device, when you turn off your phone system animations it helps to increase the speed of your phone. This is a very easy thing to do and it will make your phone’s interface much more responsive. In MIUI, you just go into Settings > UI Switcher > Animate System Animations.

Always Clean Your Internal Storage

You can make your phone faster by cleaning up the internal storage. This means deleting unnecessary files and applications, as well as keeping large files on a microSD card instead of internal storage. This is especially true for large games or high-quality music files. They can slow down your phone since you’ll need more resources from the system to run them smoothly.

If you’re using MIUI 10, open Settings > Additional Settings > Cleanup & boost and select “Clean up system”. You can also use a file explorer app like MiXplorer or File Master (both are available in Google Play) to clean up your device and move files over to external storage if needed.

Deleting Unnecessary Files and Applications

To increase the speed of your phone, you must delete unnecessary files. For example, you can delete unused applications and games or even some photos to clear up valuable space on your device. You should also remove unwanted texts and emails to free up space for more important content.

If you want to increase the speed of your MIUI further, try deleting unused SMS messages and emails from your device’s memory. This will free up space that was previously used by these items so now more room is available on it for other things such as apps or photos.

Final Wrap Up

If you want, you can turn off all animations to speed up MIUI. But this will not be very convenient, so it is better to leave the default settings. To do this, we recommend that you download a Root App that can delete unnecessary programs from the system. There are many such utilities in Google Play Market, but Root App Delete is one of the simplest and most versatile applications for such tasks.

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