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Samsung Galaxy S23 Could Have a Staggering 200MP Camera



Samsung Galaxy S23 Could Have a Staggering 200MP Camera

Samsung is known for equipping its mobile devices with the best cameras compared to the offerings of significant competitors in the industry.  And the anticipated Galaxy S23 to be launched the following year, 2023, we expect will not disappoint like its predecessors in the Samsung Galaxy series of mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy S23 May Get the Most Detailed Camera We’ve Ever Seen on a Phone.

The primary camera on the Samsung Galaxy S23 might have a ridiculously high resolution. According to ETNews, Samsung is working on a 200MP camera sensor, officially named the ISOCELL HP3. The plan reportedly is to have the sensor ready to go on the company’s flagship phone for 2023.

The HP3 sensor is a joint project between Samsung Mobile (the part of Samsung responsible for Galaxy phones and tablets) and Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Samsung is responsible for building cameras, PCBs, and more). The two divisions are set to share manufacturing duties too.

While Samsung wants to have this sensor on the Galaxy S23 phone, ETNews claims this plan has not been finalized. This is because changing the sensor will require other new parts like lenses, memory, and application processors to be in place too. We will wait for future leaks to ascertain whether this plan pans out.

Samsung already has a 200MP camera sensor on offer, the ISOCELL HP1. This gives a hint of what the HP3 could be capable of, like 8K video at 30 frames per second, and the choice of 200MP, 50MP, or 12.5MP images depending on whether you’re prioritizing detail or image brightness. But this sensor has yet to appear in either Samsung’s phones or other companies’ models. Perhaps Samsung and its clients decided the sensor wasn’t quite ready for commercial use yet, so we could see the explosion of 200MP camera phones appear once the refined HP3 is fully available.

The highest megapixel camera you’ll currently find on a Samsung phone is the 108MP primary camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and previous Galaxy S Ultra phones. At the same time, its performance isn’t quite good enough to knock the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera quality. The Samsung S22 camera is still excellent.

With the Galaxy S22 series still relatively new, we’ve got a bit of a wait before Samsung’s likely to reveal the Galaxy S23 in early 2023. We’ll be keeping an eye on all the leaks and rumors for you for the time being, including suggestions that Samsung could adopt a dimensity chipset for the Galaxy S23 rather than the usual Snapdragon or Exynos silicon.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Will Be Able to Take 200-Megapixel Images.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Could Have a Staggering 200MP Camera

(Image Credit: Viettel Store)

If you haven’t heard, smartphone cameras are getting crazy. Last year, multiple handsets, including the Huawei Mate 40 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, were launched with 100-megapixel sensors. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the few flagships that can shoot 8K video.

But Samsung is thinking even more significant than that. According to a new report by tech analyst Ross Young, Samsung is working on an even bigger camera sensor: a 200-megapixel model (via Android Authority). The phone would use the 200MP camera in some form factor or another.

It’s Rumoured to Use the New Samsung ISOCELL Bright HM2 Sensor

Samsung announced the ISOCELL Bright HM2 claiming that it was the best in the industry-first mobile image sensor to offer a sizeable 1/1.37-inch size and support 200 million pixels.” The Samsung ISOCELL Bright HM2 is available in a 1/1.37-inch size, which is larger than most other smartphone sensors, and supports up to 6.5K video recording at 30fps or 108MP images at 30fps however, these features are designed for professional cameras rather than smartphones, but we expect the Galaxy S23 to have this with a 200MP camera.

Samsung S Series of Smartphones Is Getting Bigger and Better Than Ever Before

Samsung’s S series of smartphones are getting bigger and better than ever before. With the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S23 set to launch in early 2023. The phone will  have the following;

  • The phone will have a bigger screen than its predecessor, the Galaxy S22
  • The phone will have a better camera pixel at 200MP.
  • The phone will have more memory space
  • The phone will come with a faster processor
  • The phone will come with a longer battery life


The Samsung Galaxy S23 series we are anticipating in the early part of next year will be a flagship in the camera pixel size which will be the first in the industry by a mile if Samsung gets to launch this mobile device as planned. You can visit the Samsung website or primary dealers to preorder this device for when it will be ready; this is because the phone is worth it, especially if you are a camera quality lover on mobile devices.

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