Samsung Unveils New 200MP Camera Sensors: Smaller Pixels with Increased Autofocus

Samsung Unveils New 200MP Camera Sensors - Smaller Pixels with Increased Autofocus
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The 200MP image sensors that will be used in smartphones are Samsung’s most recent innovation. 200 million 0.56 micrometer-sized pixels can be packed into the new sensor, which goes by the name of Isocell HP3.

Samsung New 200MP Image Sensors are Now Upgraded

The new pixels are allegedly 12 percent smaller than the 0.64 micrometer-sized pixels that were initially used on Samsung’s earlier 200MP image sensors, according to the ZDNet report. The Isocell HP1 sensors, which were previously announced in 2021, are the predecessors.

Samsung was able to fit more into smaller spaces by shrinking the size of the pixels. According to the company, the new technology’s sizes were 20% smaller than those of its predecessor.

Upgraded Resolutions Are Available on the New Isocell HP3

According to reports, the new technology produced a faster and more precise focus as well as a better resolution for the entire captured image. The new Isocell HP3 can support video recording at resolutions of 30 frames per second (8K) and 120 frames per second (4K).

The 8K videos can be captured “in the same field of view as a photo,” it was mentioned. The staggering high dynamic range feature, which can synthesize three frames simultaneously when a picture is taken, was also mentioned as being part of the newer technology.

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Newly Upgraded Camera Sensors Can Now Use Mid-ISO

To create clearer images, the three frames are taken with a mixture of dark and bright areas and high contrasts. The Isocell HP3 can add mid-ISO to the image to add details in addition to synthesizing low ISO and high ISO images.

According to reports, the image sensor offers pixel-binning that can support up to 16 pixels and 14 bits of data. This facilitates the ability of photos taken in the dark to absorb light.

Samsung Says ISOCELL HP3 Samples Now Available for Testing

Samsung declared that mass production of the new Isocell HP3 image sensors will begin this year. Which smartphone models will use the new technology was not specified by the company.

The new ISOCELL HP3 samples are already accessible for testing, according to Sam Mobile. Samsung may be able to take photos of higher quality thanks to the new technology without having to enlarge its sensors.

How Smartphones Can Be Upgraded by New ISOCELL Technology

Instead, the new sensors will be more compact than the older ones, making them better suited for use in smartphones. Samsung could maximize the use of its cameras without having to significantly alter their sizes by doing away with bulky cameras.

Customers could still enjoy sleek smartphone models with cameras capable of taking higher-quality images with more compact phones.

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