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The Best PUBG VPN: Avoid Blocks, Bans, and Improve Your Connection



The Best PUBG VPN - Avoid Blocks, Bans, and Improve Your Connection

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a type of software that allows for a secure connection between a device like your phone, computer, or tablet and the internet. It works by creating a virtual network that sits on top of your existing connection. In this way, you can send and receive data across shared or public networks as if your device were directly connected to the private network.

How Do I Get a VPN?

Now that you understand the importance and know what to look for in a VPN, it’s time to get your own. It’s quite simple:

  • Download the VPN provider’s app
  • Install the app on your device
  • Open the app and sign in (or sign up, if you don’t already have an account)
  • Hit Connect!

Why Do I Need a VPN?

You may be wondering if you need a VPN for your PUBG gaming. There are three main reasons for this:

  • Experience a faster, smoother connection. If you have trouble connecting to the game at all or notice lag that’s making the game unplayable, a VPN might help.
  • Unblock geo-restricted content and services. If you’re traveling abroad, using a VPN could be useful if it takes you to one of the regions where PUBG is available. Some players even use a VPN to try and get ahead in the game by choosing servers in other countries that they find easier to beat.
  • Secure your data and privacy while gaming. A VPN encrypts your traffic, making it unintelligible to anyone who intercepts it through your ISP or on public Wi-Fi networks (such as at internet cafes). This way hackers can’t see what websites you visit or what games you play online – especially handy when dealing with large amounts of data like images and videos from online games!

Is a VPN Safe?

The VPNs on this list are safe, but it’s not just because we say so.

As long as you choose a reputable VPN and stick to the basics of online safety, you should be fine. The safest VPN for PUBG will block malware and phishing attempts, keep your IP address private to protect your anonymity, encrypt your connections to prevent surveillance or bandwidth throttling, and not log or store any data about what you do online. That keeps you protected from hackers, governments, ISPs, and even the VPN itself.

Most importantly for this article: a safe PUBG VPN will not interfere with matchmaking servers in any way. It won’t put your IP address in the same region as the server you want to connect to (which could cause connection issues) or affect ping time or stability in any other way.

How to Choose the Best PUBG VPN

To get the best PUBG VPN, there are several things to consider including:

  • Security and encryption. This will vary between providers. The very best PUBG VPNs use strong OpenVPN encryption with AES 256-bit keys. In some cases, you’ll be able to choose whether to use 128- or 256-bit keys. We recommend selecting the latter unless you need higher speeds for some reason, as it provides stronger security.
  • Speed and stability. You may need a faster connection for games like PUBG, so make sure you select a provider that offers excellent speeds with minimal interruptions in service.
  • Server locations and several servers are on offer. Good server coverage is especially important if you want to play PUBG from a region where the game isn’t available yet (or at all). Make sure your chosen provider has plenty of servers in multiple regions so that you can always connect to one close by for fast speeds.
  • Price and value for money: A good budget option is CyberGhost which allows you simultaneous connections from as many devices as your plan allows (up to seven) while still providing solid security and privacy protections, plus excellent performance including automatic kill switch protection which uses an advanced algorithm combined with high speed servers dedicated exclusively to gaming activities, making it perfect for getting around IP bans or ISP throttling through DNS filtering while playing competitive online games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite Battle Royale, Overwatch, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft (WoW), League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft etc., all while enjoying full privacy online protected by advanced OpenVPN military grade 256 bit AES encryption with double data protection TCP Port 443 – Stealth VPN protocol which is designed specifically for bypassing Internet censorship via deep packet inspection (DPI) firewalls such as China’s Great Firewall using obfsproxy technology; allowing users who live in countries where Internet.

Best Free PUBG VPNs

While these free VPNs might be great for a short one-off, there are several reasons that you should consider investing in a premium service like ExpressVPN.

For starters, security. Free VPN providers don’t have the resources to keep their encryption levels high, meaning your data is more likely to leak (especially on Windows PCs). Then there’s performance: not only are paid services faster because they have a more stable infrastructure, but they also come built with additional features (like the ability to block ads and malicious websites). Most importantly, however, is privacy: while most of the above are generally safe to use if you’re just looking for an extra layer of security on public Wi-Fi networks, it’s best not to rely on them exclusively. Paid VPNs may cost money – but that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind when browsing online.

Best Paid PUBG VPNs

If you’re looking for a more reliable solution, there are some excellent paid PUBG VPN services to choose from. All have an established track record with gamers and offer a money-back guarantee if you decide they’re not right for you. You can also test them out without paying by taking advantage of the trial periods that most providers offer.

Let’s take a look at five of the best paid PUBG VPNs in more detail:

  • NordVPN – most reliable, most secure, fastest
  • Surfshark – best for getting past geo-restrictions
  • IPVanish – best VPN for PUBG
  • PureVPN – best VPN for PUBG Mobile
  • ProtonVPN – PUBG VPN with great tunneling split

Security and Privacy Features

If you’re anything like us, you value your privacy and anonymity on the internet. When you use a VPN to connect to PUBG or any other website or app, it encrypts everything you send over the internet. This includes passwords, credit card information, your address, and everything else you send over the internet. Encryption keeps this information private and stops others from seeing what websites and apps you use (so they can’t track your activity) – even if they are an ISP snooping on their customers.

Most VPNs claim not to keep logs of user activity – these would include timestamps of when they logged in or out of a server as well as traffic data (which websites/apps were accessed). However, some VPNs do keep logs – so make sure that before buying one for yourself that it has a no-logging policy in place at all times! This way your personal information such as your IP address will always remain safe from prying eyes online no matter where in the world or what time zone they may be located in!

Server Network Size and Locations

Some VPNs have thousands of servers, while others have tens or hundreds. The more servers a VPN has, the more likely it is to find a fast, reliable connection for you. If you’re looking for a VPN specifically to play PUBG then we recommend choosing one with at least 1,000 servers in its network and 60+ countries.

Now that we’ve explained what makes a good PUBG VPN, let’s look at our top picks below.

Speed, Performance, and Stability of the Connection

You’re going to want a VPN that is fast and performs well, especially when you consider the fact that PUBG isn’t exactly known for its stability. Speed and performance are important for any VPN, but it’s especially so if you desperately need those chicken dinners.

When I talk about speed, I’m referring to how fast your connection is when using the VPN. You can test this by using a speed test website such as or These sites will give you your download and upload speeds in megabits per second (Mbps). If you want to play PUBG on PC, you’ll need at least 3Mbps of download speed so that your game doesn’t lag too much, though ideally, it would be higher than that.

How stable a VPN connection is can be determined by looking at the number of servers a provider has available and where they’re located around the world. The more servers on offer, the less likely it is that they’ll all go down at once; whereas if there are only a couple of servers in one location (such as Los Angeles), then fewer people will be able to use them before they become over-subscribed and unreliable. A good way to find out how many servers are available in each location is by checking out our latest VPN reviews for each provider.

Unblocking Ability for Geo-restricted Content and Services

When it comes to unblocking geo-restricted content, you may be surprised by what VPNs can and cannot do. A lot of the more popular streaming services have implemented VPN detection technology in recent years that prevents users from watching video content if they’re using a VPN. Netflix is the biggest culprit, but BBC iPlayer and Hulu are also guilty of detecting and blocking certain VPNs.

However, most sites are still perfectly accessible with a good VPN connection to a server in the same country as the site you’re trying to access. If you want to go further afield, some providers offer servers in countries where online censorship is particularly strict due to government regulations (e.g., China).

If unblocking geo-restricted content is your primary reason for using a VPN then we recommend testing out how well it works before committing to anything. There are free trials available with all of our recommended providers, so take advantage of these when you can (there aren’t any free trials on iOS).

Using the Best PUBG VPN Will Lower Your Ping, Unblock Regions, and Keep You Secure.

A PUBG VPN will lower your ping, unblock regions, and keep you secure.

Ping is the amount of time it takes for traffic to travel from your computer to a server on the internet. If you live far away from a game’s server location (or use a VPN), your ping will be higher because your traffic has further to travel and takes more time to reach the server.

Lowering ping can improve your game experience because it reduces lag, which is when graphics in the game are slow or choppy. If you want better latency, you could buy some new gaming hardware like a high-end router or network card. But these upgrades can cost hundreds of dollars, which many gamers don’t have available. And if you do get them and see an improvement in latency, it might not be significant enough for you to notice—especially if your gaming performance was already pretty good. Instead of buying new equipment that might not make any difference at all, why not use a PUBG VPN? It’s free (or at least very cheap) and works right out of the box with no need for extra software or hardware upgrades. Not only will using one get rid of any region locks on content, but it may also give you a lower ping and improve gaming performance—plus add an extra layer of security when browsing online outside the game too!

Want even more benefits? Sign up today so that we can match our best packages against what’s available elsewhere – especially when it comes to sports streaming services like BT Sport Premier League football or BBC iPlayer TV shows such as Doctor Who! You’ll also find there are lots more options around securing yourself against hackers while using public wifi networks etc; whatever matters most about staying connected digitally – whether it is identity theft prevention measures like 2FA logins required by Facebook etc when logging into their platform from abroad or something much simpler than that e.g needing access via smartphones/tablets without worrying.

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